Uttapong Ruangrit

Front-end Web Developer, Web Designer | uttapong@gmail.com


I'm front-end and back-end web developer with 8 years of professional experience. I'm interested new technologies of web development frameworks or libraries and new graphics design trend and my major focus is on designing web, mobile & tablet interfaces. I also have skills in other fields like Java, Python, Database and Computer admistration.


Information Technology, Master of Science
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University


Computer EngineeringThammasat University
Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University



Research Asssistant
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology(BIOTEC), Genome Institute, NSTDA

High Performance Computer Administrator (Unix, MacOSX Server, Solaris) Database Administrator, Bioinformatics research in following topic: Gene database mining and analyzation, drug design,Software Development for Bioinformatics.

Apr 2006 - Sep 2010

Absolute Achita
Senior Programmer

Game online system development, Front-end and Back-end Web developer/Web design.

Oct 2010 - Nov 2011

Sanook Online Limited
Senior Web Developer

Develop and maintenance http://playtown.sanook.com front-end and back-end website including developer's API and CMS(Expression Engine)

Dec 2011 - Oct 2012

RingZero (on Srisawat, Bank of Ayudhaya site)
Software Engineer

Develop and maintenance in-house software to support Bank process. Achievement: National Bureu Credits Checking System, iChecker-An integrated system of mobile app and web application to check customer information. Branch Profile-Branch information application, Branch Activity-Application to records working logs for all employees.

Oct 2012 - Oct 2013

Research Asssistant
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology(BIOTEC), Genome Technology Research Unit, NSTDA

Develop Bioinformatics Tools (Thalassemia Interpreation Tools, Mutation Annotation Tools) and High performance computer adminstration.

Nov 2013 - Aug 2015

Senior Engineer
Sanook Online Limited

Develop and maitenance Ultimate Racing Game backend server and PHP Back Office in Game Division

Aug 2015 - Present


MUTation ANnotation Tool (MUTANT)Uttapong Ruangrit, Anunchai Assawamakin, Chumpol Ngamphiw, Bunyarit Uyyanonvara, Sissades Tongsima.. Asian Young Researchers Conference on Computational and Omics Biology 2010, March 10-12, 2010.

MAR 2010

RExPrimer: an integrated primer designing tool increases PCR effectiveness by avoiding 3' SNP-in-primer and mis-priming from structural variation Jittima Piriyapongsa, Chumpol Ngamphiw, Anunchai Assawamakin, Pongsakorn Wangkumhang, Payiarat Suwannasri, Uttapong Ruangrit, Gallissara Agavatpanitch, Sissades Tongsima.8th International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB2009), 2009.

DEC 2009

pHCR: a parallel haplotype configuration reduction algorithm for haplotype interaction analysis. Wattanan Makarasara, Natsuhiko Kumasaka, Anunchai Assawamakin, Atsushi Takahashi, Apichart Intarapanich, Chumpol Ngamphiw, Supasak Kulawonganunchai, Uttapong Ruangrit, Suthat Fucharoen, Naoyuki Kamatani, Sissades Tongsima.J Hum Genet. 2009 Nov;54(11):634-41.

NOV 2009

Thailand mutation and variation database (ThaiMUT) Uttapong Ruangrit, Metawee Srikummool, Anunchai Assawamakin, Chumpol Ngamphiw, Suparat Chuechote, Vilasinee Thaiprasarnsup, Gallissara Agavatpanitch, Ekawat Pasomsab, Pa-Thai Yenchitsomanus, Surakameth Mahasirimongkol, Wasun Chantratita, Prasit Palittapongarnpim, Bunyarit Uyyanonvara, Chanin Limwongse, Sissades Tongsima. Human Mutation 08/2008; 29(8):E68-75. DOI:10.1002/humu.20787.

AUG 2008

WASP: a Web-based Allele-Specific PCR assay designing tool for detecting SNPs and mutations Pongsakorn Wangkumhang, Kridsadakorn Chaichoompu, Chumpol Ngamphiw, Uttapong Ruangrit, Juntima Chanprasert, Anunchai Assawamakin, Sissades Tongsima. BMC Genomics 02/2007; 8:275. DOI:10.1186/1471-2164-8-275

FEB 2007


AIS 1-2-3 Young Cyber Designer Awards
Gold Awards: Emoticon design



PHP (Laravel,CI,CakePHP): Expert

Node js: Advanced

Angular: Advanced

HTML/CSS: Expert

React: Advanced

Java: Basic

Python: Expert

Database (MySQL, Mongo, Redis, MSSQL, postgresQL): Advanced

Adobe Illustrator: Advanced


The consolidation of genome databases

A web portal consolidated various kind of National genome database in Thailand. link


An e-commerce cosmetic made from natural web site. link

Thalassemia Interpreter

Thalssemia Interpretation Software developed using MeanJS(MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS). link

Mutant: Mutation Annotation Tool

A tool to annotate and visualize gene to generate human's mutation stand nomenclature. link


Modern design: a web site to create professional site and design. link


Azupure logo: Azupure Sperm DNA Purification Kit's Package Design and logo.

Tobdong Badminton Team

A logo fore Tobdong badminton team.

Badbug Badminton Team

A logo fore Badbug badminton team.

Thalassemia Database II logo

A logo fore Thalassemia Database II web site.


An online topup coupon and gift card web site.



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